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Wide range of offering in bread segment like Loafs, Footlongs, Bread Sticks, Bread Rolls, Buns, Lavash, Danish Breads, Croissants makes 1 Bake Shop the perfect destination. Our pocket friendly price, Taste and quality are bound to add to your satisfaction.


Bread Crispies with no sugar and flavors we offer a range of Rusks. Ask for our multigrain rusk for a healthy experience.


Sugar free Khari with spices and butter is an absolute delight with tea. Ask for our butter khari or methi khari taste is bound to stay in your memory.

Tea Cakes

Cup Cakes, Muffins, Bar cakes and Block cakes with variety of flavors and price range are bound to suit your needs. Also try our seasonal specialities like Carrot cakes and Spicy Potato Cakes.


Range of traditional handmade cookies, macaroons and snaps our cookies are your perfect choice. We offer variety of premium cookies like almond biscotti, Oats and cranberry cookies with options of gift packs.


When it comes to chocolates resistance is futile. Taste, delight, memories and luxury is what is wrapped in our chocolates. A single bite, a pack or chocolates giftwrapped you cannot miss our range of chocolates.


It’s the food on the go. Over 30 varieties of munchies available over the counter for both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian in you. Burgers, Pizzas, Plaits, Puffs, Kathi Rolls, Sandwiches, Samosa, Kebabs, Nacho Chips, Cutlets, Croissants, Hotdogs and host of other desserts make our snack basket.


The most important stage of your meal or the last thing you remember over the dinner table do not forget to try our mouthwatering dessert range. Brownies, Pastries, Mousse, Donuts, Puddings, Cream Rolls, Eclairs and other range of desserts make our dessert segment complete delight.


Visit our outlet near you for your instant cake needs as we always have ready cakes with large selection of flavors and designs. Do not forget to checkout our mini cakes starting Rs.160 for a small occasion or just like that. We serve 100% veg cakes in this segment.

Party Accessories

Why go anywhere else for party accessories when all are available under the same roof. Check in for decoratives like baloons, ribbons, poppers, etc along with your cake at 1 Bake Shop today.